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Read New Year’s resolutions from Ivey, Strong, Ainsworth, Whitt and more in this week’s OTR

Off The Record: The latest rumors and rumblings in North Alabama


The beginning of a new year marks the opportunity for a fresh start. Many of us, including Alabama’s elected officials, are making New Year’s resolutions. For this week’s OTR, we asked many of our favorite elected officials what they will be tackling in 2024. From fitness goals to appreciation, it turns out our leaders are a lot like us. 

“In 2024, I would like to help Alabama move up again in our education rankings and would like to spend a few extra minutes a day playing with Missy, Alabama’s First Dog.” – Gov. Kay Ivey

“In 2024, I want to spend more time with my family and less time voting for Speaker of the House. I’ll also be continuing my quest to find good barbecue in D.C.” – U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia)

“I’ve done a 5k, 10k and a triathlon. My New Year’s Resolution is to train and run a marathon in 2024.” Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth

“I am looking forward to biking to work in 2024, which also means chugging up the ramps of the parking deck at the new City Hall.” – Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle 

“Try to get Gov. Ivey to make Highway 72 West and Highway 53 north priorities for handling traffic congestion due to the growth of cities of Huntsville, Madison, and west Madison County.” – State Sen. Tom Butler (R-Madison)

“My New Year’s resolution is simple: strive to truly appreciate the small things in life like eating the dessert first, working the new TV remote, and finding a matching pair of socks in the dryer.” – State Rep. Andy Whitt (R-Harvest)

“I turn 65 in 2024, and I always told my boys I wanted to run the Cotton Row again when I’m 65, so I have already issued a challenge to them to do that for Dad’s birthday! So I’m concentrating on health and family in the new year.” – State Rep. Rex Reynolds (R-Huntsville)

“My New Year’s resolutions are: Take time to enjoy the everyday blessings we have in our lives (bloom where you are planted); always leave things and people better than you found them.” – Madison County Commission Chairman Mac McCutcheon

“Slow down! Am moving too quickly through daily life attempting to accomplish too much and missing the time to linger and appreciate all around me.”  – State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur)

“With the recent arrival of my second child, my New Year’s resolution is to enjoy every possible moment with my growing family while continuing to represent District 20 to the best of my ability.” – State Rep. James Lomax (R-Huntsville)

“As I look at my upstairs office, my resolution is to clean my desk! The new year is bringing new challenges, and I need to declutter.” – Madison City Council President Ranae Bartlett

“I hope to be found faithful to my call as a public servant, and I hope to lose a few pounds and improve my health.”  State Rep. Phillip Rigsby (R-Monrovia)

“In 2024, I resolve to get back on the open road. I’m going to pull out my map and tap into my inner Dora the Explorer.” – Madison County Commissioner Violet Edwards

“A new year brings new opportunities, and I want our state to take advantage of the great potential we have ahead. As Speaker, my resolution remains constant — to continue tackling the challenges Alabama faces through the passage of strong, common-sense legislation. Together, we will improve the lives of Alabamians and ensure that our state’s best days are ahead of us. Outside of the State House, the plan is to lose a few pounds and spend every minute I can with the wonderful family God has blessed me with.” Alabama Speaker of the House Nathaniel Ledbetter

“My 2024 New Year’s resolution is to spend as much time and money in all of the new Athens businesses this year. We were blessed with many new retail options in 2023, I want to ensure I do my part to support each of them.” – Chris Seibert, Athens City Council

“I am looking forward to the future,
“No regrets of the past,
“May the Singing River Trail bring great things to Courtland that last ,
“That I will bike and hike until I  am thin,
“That is my resolution,  so let 2024 begin …”
Courtland Mayor Linda Peebles

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